Monarchist League of Greece

Monarchist League of Greece

Τετάρτη, 17 Νοεμβρίου 2010

Tatoi Palace

Tatoi, located 5 km north of Athens's suburbs, and 27 km from the Athenian Acropolis was the summer palace and 10,000 acre estate of the former Greek Royal Family, and the site of George II of the Hellenes's birth. The area is a densely wooded southeast-facing slope of Mount Parnitha, and its ancient and current official name is Decelea.
European Temperature Record
Tatoi along with Elefsina currently hold the official record for the highest ever recorded temperature in Europe with 48.0°C

Court Rulings
The estate was confiscated in controversial circumstances some years after the declaration of the Hellenic Republic. Its confiscation, and the confiscation of other property of the deposed and exiled King, Constantine II, without any compensation, led to a court case in the European Court of Justice. The king's argument centered on the claim that the property in question was acquired by his predecessors by legal means and was therefore subject to regular personal inheritance. The Greek state argued that the property was either used by the royal family by virtue of its sovereign status or obtained by taking advantage of that status, and therefore, once the monarchy was abolished, the property should revert to public ownership automatically. The Court struck a midway course in reaching its verdict and ordered the Hellenic Republic to pay the exiled king compensation, of a small fraction of less than 1% of its worth, while allowing the Greek state to retain ownership of the property. In June 2007, the Greek government says it intends to turn the former palace and grounds into a museum.

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